About Me

Joel Seaman

I currently teach with the TDSB - teaching Full Day Kindergarten at a unique, charming and one of a kind school on Toronto Island. Prior to that, I spent four years studying for my Bachelor’s of Arts in Early Childhood Education at Ryerson University. After that, I earned my Bachelor of Education from OISE at the University of Toronto, focusing on Primary/Junior education. During that time I spent a short time in an internship with the Toronto District School Board’s Equitable and Inclusive Schools office, where I worked on a variety of projects related to ensuring equity on all fronts across the school board. Throughout all of this (and my whole life, really) I’ve been involved in the world of dance as both a competitive and professional dancer, a dance teacher, and a choreographer. All tenets of my background come together to inform my professional practice – my background in ECE provides me with a strong understanding of child development and the need to provide developmentally appropriate learning experiences. My time at OISE left me with a strong understanding of the benefits of planning rich, cross-curricular lessons based in hands-on, purposeful play. My time at the Equity department reminded me to reflect on a daily basis to ensure that each student sees their unique identify reflected in the classroom community. Lastly, my dance background means that I strive to inject an overarching arts focus into all areas of learning. I hope to use this blog to document my own journey as a life long learner.

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